Bowl Wall Styling By Real Life Local + Lejos Customers


Bowl wall styling isn’t just for glossy magazines and art directors—the countless variations, colors, patterns, and ability to adapt to multiple spaces means you get to tell your own story no matter the final arrangement you create. We have fallen hard for these six unique perspectives on bowl wall art by real Local + Lejos customers who really do prove: you can never have too many bowls!


Take inspiration from these to begin the process of elevating your own space and fill that white space on your wall with timeless, handmade artisan elegance. From side tables that speak for themselves to an office fit for thriving, the best way to get started with a bowl wall is to shop our 15+ Bowl Sets to make your combination decision easy and let us do the decorating for you! And in the meantime, check out these.



A new kind of table manners! A beautiful dinner isn’t complete without a stunning bowl wall for a talking point.



Let’s talk about the fact that there are so many amazing textures and patterns in this cozy nook! Our Zera Bowl + Aura Bowl add the perfect, natural touch to finish off this look!



Comfy and cozy meets homemade goods and earthy textures—I have a feeling you’ll have a hard time watching that TV!



Creating a cluster of bowls (or just one!) with planters or other statement pieces is just one of the ways you can decorate with these one-of-a-kind items. Here, a simplistic style meets geometric shapes plus a touch of greens.



One of our favorite looks is mixing bowls with personal items like vases, ornaments for an unforgettable focal point.



Take a break, have a stretch, and relax your eyes on the beauties above. Create your own eye-catching bowl walls like a pro by shopping our curated bowl sets. 

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