A Stunning Bowl Wall in Less Than 60 Seconds

No interior is complete without a stunning bowl wall featuring handcrafted artisan pieces—but seeing all those magazine-worthy walls on social media can make the task seem overwhelming. It’s doesn’t have to be.



You, too, can create the statement wall of your dreams. Because the reality is, hanging your perfect bowl wall is actually super simple and highly individual. Plus, you can take heart in knowing that you simply can’t go wrong when you use any (or all!) of our bowls. And if you’re not sure which ones go great together, we’ve curated Bowl Sets to take all of the guesswork out of it.

And anyway, all of our bowls are handmade so a slight imperfection here or there in your collage goes with the whole theme so don’t’ worry about it being perfect, it’s going to look fantastic! Take inspiration from this bowl wall time-lapse and start to envision your walls coming to life just like it did for these real life Local + Lejos customers. Then, once you’ve created your own personal display, take a step back, look at your mastery, and be in awe of the beautiful bowl wall you just created.


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