An Office With Intention

As you likely know, we love a bright, organized and impactful workspace, and the new year is the perfect time to create an office that looks good and does good.  We teamed up with our friends at Marie Mae Company to give you our favorite tips for creating an office with intention, and stay tuned for a fun giveaway at the end!


1. Organization is key

A wise mom once told us that we should have “A place for everything and everything should be in it’s place,” when tackling organization. A lot easier said than done, right? Having a home for everything is a good start to an organized work space. We recommend our Sisal Peace Basket for pens and pencils and our Muhanga Nesting Bowls to store all the things you can’t find when you need them most (think paper clips and rubber bands). Add in our Neri Tray as the perfect paper catch-all. Having an organized desk is great motivation to get the ball rolling on to-do list items and e-mails that have been pushed off for weeks. Perhaps organizing your office was one of the items on the aforementioned to-do list. Look at that! You’re halfway there. 

2.  Find ways to incorporate nature and being kind to the environment

Recent studies have shown that bringing plants into your office does more than just add some life to your space, but can actually make you more productive by improving air quality and reducing stress. It is also important to remember to be kind to the environment when choosing your office products. We love Marie Mae Company for our paper products because of their FSC certification, ensuring that all products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to our world.

3.  Create a mood board that shows your vision, and always keep it in front of you 

Your work space should represent, well, YOU! Your dreams, your visions, your passions; your office should be an inspired product of the world inside your head. We’ve found it helpful to have things that inspire us in front of us daily, so we have a white board wall at our office. But get creative! It could be a cork board, chalkboard wall, anything that allows you to pin up your vision. Having tangible evidence of your dreams in front of you will help serve as a constant reminder to go for what you want, always! 


4.  Focus on creating an office that looks good and does good. 

The aesthetics of our workspace environment can have a powerful effect on our productivity and mood throughout our workday.  In order to maximize our efforts, we should have a workspace that is pleasing to the eye as well as in line with our world changing vision.  Our offices say more about us than we think.  Let’s make them look good and do good.

Once you’ve evaluated your workstyle and your desired aesthetic, decide what type of an impact you would like to make with your purchases.  Do you love supporting small US businesses?  Would you like to support artisan groups around the world? The products we use in business matter, and will also influence our co-workers to think about them the same way.  We can make an impact each and every day by making conscious decisions about how we dress up our workspace.

We are giving 1 lucky winner a Good Office Starter Kit, including items from both MM and L+L so you can start to create your good office space.

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