A Woven Bowl Wall for Every Style

Choose From our Curated Woven Bowl Sets

Add a Pop of Color

The Agathe Bowl Set is for those who are looking to add a touch of color and personality to their space.

Stay Neutral

The neutral colors make the Xavera Bowl Set a wonderful addition to any space.

Go Bold

Not afraid to mix and match bold colors and designs? The Soleil Bowl Set is just for you.

Keep it Simple

Have a minimalistic style? Mix and match the large and small Boutique Cactus Blossom Woven Bowls to create your Woven Bowl Wall.

Mix and Match Your Own Wall

Curate your own woven bowl wall by mix and matching a variety of sizes and designs. Be sure to share your wall design with us on social media @azizilife, we love being inspired by your endless creativity!

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