Weavers of Nyaruguru

Tucked on the border of Burundi, in the southern province of the country, lies the Nyaruguru district of Rwanda. Known for its agriculture, the land is filled with sprawling fields of maize, banana, cassava and sweet potatoes.

Because their terrain is varied from other parts of Rwanda, these weavers use different materials to craft their products, namely, banana leaves.

They are one of the biggest groups we work with, a total of 26 people. Because of their size, they meet on the grounds of a large schoolyard, so time working is often mixed with answering the questions of curious children during their school breaks.

We really wanted to achieve an updated look to our Banana Leaf Cube for this fall, so we collaborated on different weaving techniques and product sizes. While it wasn’t an easy process to develop this new method, we are thrilled with the finish of our new Banana Leaf Rectangle. The thinly woven rows and sleek shape make for the perfect contemporary update, we hope you love it as much as we do!

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