Sylvere’s Story

Sylvere was born in 1975, today he is married and he has five children. He said that he didn’t study because his parents didn’t understand the value of education, instead they sent him out to look after the cows.

Sylvere grew up ashamed of himself. Sylvere told us “One day I went to ask for a job as a cleaner but I failed. It was not because I was not good at cleaning but, I couldn’t complete a written exam.”

Sylvere lost that chance to get work but after attending Azizi Life Adult literacy, he was confident enough to go to a financial institutions, to get credit to buy pigs.

Sylvere proudly says “I have now developed my agriculture business and I am producing a lot. I also have the ability to manage money much more effectively. I tell everyone to go to attend Azizi life adult literacy program, because it is great way to wake up and thrive.”