A New Chapter, Meet Azizi Life



It’s hard to believe over four years have passed since we began this journey together.  It would only be right if I opened this note with a wholehearted thank you.  Thank you for your curiosity, for being open to a new company creating ethically-minded ways to decorate your home.  Thank you for your generous support of our products, for it has changed the lives of hundreds of women artisans around the globe. 

When I first conceived of L+L, I was inspired to create a market for talented women abroad who lacked access to modern U.S. consumers.  While traveling in search of partnerships in foreign countries, I met the team of Azizi Life in Rwanda and instantly knew they were special.  Their hand-crafted goods were exquisite, but their professional approach to the work is what really set them apart.  So, I began theorizing about a big idea that one day might be possible.  Today, I’m proud to say together we’re taking the final step on that journey. 

Here at L+L we’ve prided ourselves on building a business centered on transparency and sustainability. But every retail business must face realities about operations within the industry, and we are no exception.  The more steps involved in a product between a manufacturer and a consumer, the more costly the process.  Over the last four years L+L has proven there’s a market for our goods here in the US, we’ve established a brand name with compounding growth year after year, and we’ve unlocked what we believe to be a business that will endure for years to come.  The next phase calls for us at Local + Lejos to remove ourselves from the equation, allowing Azizi Life to step forward to act as the face of their own business. 

Starting today, they will take over operations, interfacing with directly with consumers, continuing to expand their skill sets, while also taking home a greater share of the profits on the goods they make.  This will all allow for an even greater impact back home.  Which of course, was the entire reason we started L+L in the first place.     

What might feel like the end of a chapter with us at Local + Lejos, is really the beginning of a larger endeavor for an incredible group of dedicated women at Azizi Life.  It is with a heavy heart that we must step aside, but the enduring promise of a bright future for this business fills us with hope.  We hope you’ll continue to support Azizi Life with all of the passion you’ve shown Local + Lejos.  Thank you for joining us on this journey for good. 


P.S. – There are a few LAST CHANCE goods we brought back you can continue shopping (while inventory lasts) for 40-60% OFF our retail prices.

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