Our Guide to A Cozy Saturday

After all the holiday travel and festivities, it’s not surprising if you’re still feeling a little worn out!

And while it was completely worth it, it might be time to give yourself a well-earned break.

But spending time chilling out indoors doesn’t mean you have to get stuck in a Netflix rut!

Instead how about turning your home into a sanctuary with our guide below, and settle in for a Saturday of pure indulgence?

Here are some of our favorite things to do (and the playlist is killer in our humble opinion!) because there’s nothing like time spent at home to just rest and recover.


Tip 1: Acoustic Winter Spotify Playlist

There’s something so visceral about music that can get deep down into your subconscious. Like when you hear that song that takes you right back to a particular moment in time…

This acoustic playlist is so soothing while still being fresh and “now.” Hit play, take a slow, deep breath, and say hello to instant unwinding.

Listen here.

Tip 2: Cozy Up With Tierra, Otono, Alama, or Cielo Blanket

You know that feeling of an extended weekend off? These cozy blankets bring you right into long weekend mode every time you snuggle up with them.

Wrap them around yourself (and a loved one!) and feel toasty while it’s still chilly outside.

Oh, and they’re pretty easy on the eyes, too!


Tip 3: Magazines On The Newsstand Now


When was the last time you had a chance to leaf through your favorite magazines without being interrupted (ummmm….can’t remember!)?

These days, getting away from electronic devices and into something you can touch and feel is synonymous with slowing down.

AFAR, Time Magazine, and Domino are some of our favorites to skim through, either taking in the highlights as you flick, or to be soaked up cover-to-cover. Pop into your nearest Whole Foods to get the latest issues.

Tip 4: Drink Something Warm (And Spike It If You Must)

Boycott your barista, and ditch the drive-thru. There’s no better way to steam things up in the morning (or afternoon, or evening!) than with your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, give our new favorite coffee find, made with mushrooms by Four Sigmatic, a try! Homemade always tastes better and brings some immediate warmth and comfort to your insides while your hands get toasty on the outside!


So take the chance to hunker down for the weekend and rest. But not to be boring! To do it in style, whatever that may look like for you.

And we hope our tips have at least been inspiration enough for you to give yourself permission to make Saturdays cozy and a chance to hit that refresh button on life once in awhile.


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