L+L In The Wild: How Real People Styled Our Products

Have you ever wanted to take a peek inside other people homes to see how they’ve styled certain things, how their personality is reflected, and perhaps even steal some ideas for your own home?

We certainly have!

One of the things we love about styling homewares is that it is so personal. And while we have our thoughts and recommendations on how to style each of our products, it’s really up to you to make the final call.

After all, homewares should be flexible enough to span home types, personality types, and existing aesthetics, whether you live in a house, apartment, with, or without roommates.

So we’ve decided to feature eight real people in their own spaces, with very different styles so you can glean fresh inspiration for enhancing your own personal style.

Eight Homes That Have Beautifully Styled Our Products 

1.  A Home With Intention: Michelle Solobay + Aurora Blanket


Here trendy touches are mixed with modern, homey pieces like the Aurora Blanket – so refreshing and tasteful while neutrals flow from room to room, making us want to move right in!

A self-proclaimed hybrid of a homebody and wanderluster, a plant lover, and a believer in experiences over things. Michelle says Mother Nature is her greatest and most constant source of inspiration. “Whenever I’m in a creative slump, I have to get outdoors,” she says.

For more pictures and style inspiration from Michelle click here.


2.  Comfort and Practicality: Terri McHugh + Cielo Blanket


    Terri’s approach is less house, more home. When you have a family, she shows that you can aim for comfort and practicality while still keeping the aesthetic intact. She has tried to find practical and comfortable pieces, like the cozy Cielo Blanket, within the style that she enjoys the most. Terri says: “I think I’ve made the mistake in the past of choosing pieces that were overpriced and not practical for our life. It just made it a very awkward house!”

    For more pictures and style inspiration from Terri click here.


    3.  Lots of Plants: Grace Gulley + Plants and Plant Stands


      We came across Grace because her Instagram profile said “lots of plants.” She is an artist, feminist, writer, expert pep talker, and the founder of CYL Collective. Her aesthetic is minimal and modern with a good dash of greenery but done in such an elegant way.

      When in the throws of creativity, she believes every once in awhile it’s important to step away and explore another medium. “Get into creative free play. You will be able to return to your own craft with a fresh perspective.

      For more pictures and style inspiration from Grace click here.

      4.  Feel and Function: Anna Bode + Seka Throw


        This is a great example of how to create a space that is modern with a hint of country warmth. Anna Smith has always been inspired by nature, living a mostly rural lifestyle during her childhood.

        Her styling here shows that she has really taken the time to think about the feel and function of her home. One way she did that was to live in the space for a while before she started making any major design decisions. “It’s tempting to furnish it all at once, but actually using your home for a while first will give you a better feel for your needs,” she says.

        Anna also loves to mix in some vintage and handmade pieces to increase the uniqueness factor. Nicely done and fit for (family) purpose!

        5.  Modern Boho Boy’s Nursery: Alexis + Plants and Plant Stands


          We must say, we’re a little envious of any tiny human that gets to call this sweet space home! Filled with vintage pieces and some of her own artwork, black was the color of the moment for Alexis when she was in the throws of styling this nursery.The room centers around a floor rug and involves lots of texture and patterns, making the pops of green a welcomed element of relaxation. Which everyone needs during life with a newborn!

          For more pictures and style inspiration from Alexis click here.

          6.  Modern and Casual: Joanna Hawley + Zera Serving Tray, Akazi Bowl, Ankole Cowhorn Appetizer Plate, Saira Napkin Set, Pali Napkin Set


            Joanna loves using layers of artisanal, handmade, and unique pieces to make her home feel so much more special. She has used a number of tabletop pieces here by layering them and mixing a boho feel with modern lines. The blockprinted napkins do a great job of laying the foundation for the attention-grabbing and colorful plates and bowls.

            For more pictures and style inspiration from Joanna click here.

            7.  Boho Chic Embroidery: Kelli Murray + Totonac Rug, Zura Floor Basket

              There is no question Kelli’s style is heavily influenced by boho trends. But here she has effortlessly incorporated our bowls and rugs, which add a soft tribal feel, with an Indian-inspired dress with intricate embroidery and front hanging tassels. Sometimes the most unexpected combinations work! This is one of those times.

              For more pictures and style inspiration from Kelli click here.

              8.  Clean Lines and Quirky: Lindsay Hollinger + Plants and Plant Stands, Rugs

                Inspired by the desert landscape that surrounds her in Joshua Tree, Lindsay has created a unique space to help her grow as an artist. She has used patterns to add modern quirkiness to her spaces that are simply beautiful, as well as touches of greenery and the earthiness from natural wood.

                For more pictures and style inspiration from Lindsay click here.


                We hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside the homes of real people who, just like you, appreciate homewares with a story to tell.

                And while we hope it inspires you and gave birth to some fresh ideas for your own home, the most important thing of all is to simply stay true to your personal sense of style.

                Thank you!


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