Khmer Artisan Collective

Between century old Cambodian temples and modern hip hotels lies the Angkor Handicraft Collective. Passing aged stone buildings down a bumpy dirt road, you will find eighteen different local women artisans who come together to weave blankets and rugs in a tiny weaving market. With smells of fragrant spices and mud from nearby pottery wheels in the air, they take our trendy designs to this cultural tradition.

Many of the women who sit at the looms come from rural parts in the country each day to create. They have learned the art from a young age in order to support their families. When we arrived, they led us into the weaving rooms with large looms. Women were seated in front of each one working with colorful threads, chatting amongst themselves. With the gentle sound of clicks from the looms and the occasional hum of a motorcycle passing by outside, we were fascinated by the intricate designs these women were putting together. They received any compliment with grace and a smile, as if with a strong sense of pride to carry out their country’s iconic craft.





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