How To Hang Bowls Like A Pro

You know that empty wall in your home that could use some extra love? Arranging a collage with modern, handwoven bowls is a chic solution because it adds the perfect, natural touch while turning your empty walls into your favorite daydream.

Plus, it’s easy to achieve (with our simple steps below), and you won’t have to worry about Gram’s heirloom plates or your precious frames coming crashing down as you attempt your magazine-worthy look (because, you know, our bowls don’t break!). Here’s how:


1. Pick Your Wall

Once you’ve chosen which wall you’ll hang your bowl collage, lay a large piece of craft paper on the floor—making it the same size as your soon-to-be daydream space.

2. Play & Dream

Move the bowls around on the craft paper, playing around with the arrangement before you begin hanging them. While you could hang a trio evenly spaced on your wall, you can make a bigger statement if you group them in a more distinctive arrangement. Have fun with flowing or asymmetrical patterns—there’s really no wrong answer here. 

3. Lock & Load

Once you’ve finalized your layout, trace the bowls onto the paper. Great! Now hold your paper up to the wall (hello, helper!) and mark, with a pencil, the placement of each bowl. Ideally, leave a half a foot gap between the ceiling and the collage to give it visual balance.

4. Hammer Time!

You’re doing great! Nearly there—you now have a few options for hanging the bowls but either way, you’ll need to gently hammer nails into the wall, using your pencil mark as guides. You can then either gently nail through the bowl directly into the wall, or you can use materials from your local hardware store, like disc hangers or wire plate hangers to support the bowls.  

And voila! We design our Rwandan bowls in countless variations of colors and patterns to help you decorate up any space and give it that unique edge and warmth that other kinds of wall decor can’t touch. All that’s left to do is have fun choosing your personal collection of bowls that your walls are going to love!



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