Here’s Why Our Lumbar Pillows Are So Popular

Have you ever stood at the foot of your bed, arms crossed, staring at the pile of pillows that you’ve now been trying to arrange for longer than you’d like to admit? Over-accessorizing a bed with pillows is easy to do, but that’s only if you haven’t been let in on the bedroom’s secret weapon: lumbar pillows!



Even though they’re soft, supportive, and comfortable, lumbar pillows are not all fluff—they’re one of the easiest ways to elevate a space from haphazard to contemporary (with minimal fuss).

But if you want to find a lumbar pillow that doesn’t just feel good and look good, but also does good, here’s the story behind our most requested handmade good, and why they’ll create a magazine-worthy bedroom:


We Don’t Mass-Produce

From start to finish, each of our Lumbar Pillows takes two weeks to make. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, every Lumbar Pillow has a unique personality to give you that feeling of finished in your bedroom (and who doesn’t want that in the bedroom). Because we don’t mass-produce, and exceptional quality is non-negotiable.


A Local + Lejos Pillow Has Never Lived in a Cold Factory

On the contrary, each original fiber is greeted by the early morning rays as they’re hand-dipped, dyed, and hand-stitched by women artisans like Flora. Made from scratch with ultimate care, the strong-stitched seams of our lumbar pillows equal a luxe experience morning, noon, and night.

There’s something that feels so fresh and feminine, yet simple and grounded about a lumbar pillow. So, when it comes to bringing out subtle design features of your space, harness the full potential of these decorative do-gooders and transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that feels personal, relaxing, and one you can be proud of.



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