Geometric Collection Inspiration

If you haven’t had a chance to shop our brand new Geometric Bowl Collection, you will want to take a look. This collection has been months in the making with our amazing artisan partners in Rwanda, and we are so excited to see what homes they find and how they are styled. Adding more geometric shapes to the design of the bowls originated with wanting to really hone in on an even more modern design. While the designs were very much inspired by our faithful customers suggestions and desires, the colors were inspired by a scene we all love and enjoy, a beach sunset.

It didn’t necessarily come from sitting on the beach and taking color to the drawing board. In fact, our team didn’t even pull from that until we got samples in hand and realized what it reminded us of. A location that has inspired many creative works and continues to do so, a place where we gather to soak the sun and laugh with friends, and a spot that seems to hold a special magic in the air with the feeling of sand in our feet and sounds of waves crashing. There is nothing that can compare to majestic power of the ocean when met by the sun setting on the horizon.

This new collection combines modern style and trends with cherished pastimes and tradition – which is very much the heartbeat of our mission


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