Emmanuel’s Story

“My name is Emmanuel, I was born in 1982 in a family of 11 children. My family was poor we ate what we grew but our land was too small. My parents tried their hardest but life was tough.

In 1994 I began primary school but due Genocide I didn’t continue studying because we immediately fled. We lived in exile for a very long time and in our return I didn’t continue studying because I was at the age of helping my siblings instead of going back to school.

In 2015 I got married with Clementine, today we have two children the eldest daughter is in primary school.

Neither my wife nor me knew reading or writing, it was a big challenge because we lost many opportunities; we couldn’t read phone messages, we couldn’t read direction, run a small business or help our daughter homework, our messages couldn’t be private because we had to ask for help from our neighbors to read for us.

We heard information that Azizi Life was offering free adult literacy and we decided together to go. I was full of hope that I will became literate! And we prayed for lord’s blessing in the program. It was not easy for us to leave home together to attend class, but we gained more knowledge, we leave out of loneliness, we meet more friend, we got more skills related to farming, family planning, working with banks, protection of environment, human and child rights.

We got another opportunity to create a saving group with other classmates and, we are planning that we will develop our livestock through savings.

We now encourage others to join Azizi Life literacy program, because in Six months you remove a big barrier “ignorance.”

We thank everyone who contribute in this program, God bless you.”