Solar Power System for the New Azizi Life Campus

Environmental Sustainability

At Azizi Life, one of our values is environmental stewardship.  We want to be good caretakers of God’s creation, and we aim to continue to advance in making this a reality in our product offerings, packaging, and operations.
Azizi Life has a long-term goal of carbon-neutrality.

Our Footprint

The growth we have experienced in the last few years is phenomenal, working with over 64 staff (34 full time and 30 part time) and 745 artisans and beekeepers.  However, with that growth comes an increasing environmental impact.  We are now ordering and exporting more baskets, bowls and candles than ever before and with each handmade product comes a carbon footprint.  We do not want the artisans to rise out of poverty into a community that suffers from the disasters of climate change and so we have been trying to counter these effects.  For years, through our Renewable Resources program, we have providing financing for resources like solar lamps, fuel-efficient stoves and water filters.  These are all designed to reduce the amount of fossil fuels burnt in the rural communities of Rwanda.  But with the new building comes a new opportunity to move one step closer to becoming carbon neutral.

Help us raise $15,000 to install a complete solar power system for Azizi Life’s new multipurpose facility in 2024.

Going Solar

As you can imagine, our operations use electricity, and as we expand, our power needs will increase.  However, with the intelligent design of the new building (maximizing light and airflow) and the use of solar power, our expectation is that we can dramatically reduce any need to use the main power grid.  This will not only save us money but will also reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Funding a Complete Solar Power System

We’re raising $15,000 to install a complete solar power system for Azizi Life’s multipurpose facility. In a region where electricity is relatively expensive and often unreliable, solar power will provide an environmentally sustainable and self-sufficient solution that would allow operations to continue despite any interruption of service.

By shifting to solar power, we take another bold step toward our future goal of being a carbon neutral organization.

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