Decorating 3 Ways with Framebridge

There are many aspects to decorating that make a house a home. One of those being wall hangings and decor! Whether it’s putting together a wall collage or decorating a shelf, one way to spruce up a space is framing iconic photos, family pictures, or art pieces. In a recent shoot, we turned to none other the master of frames, Framebridge. Framebridge offers custom art and photography framing to give you one-of-a-kind frames for your favorites. The best part? It is all online! We absolutely love the pieces they put together for our Planter and Plant Stand photoshoot at Casa Joshua Tree! Here are 3 fun ways we were inspired to decorate with frames:

Scenic View of Valparaiso, Chile by Sofia Tomé in the Marin Frame

1. Mantle centerpiece. 

Every now and then, it is nice to switch out some mantle decorations. Adding a frame with a great photo can capture attention and add height. Fun tip: add a festive picture for holiday decor. 


2. Wall collage. 

A wall collage is a another way to fill up an empty wall space. Whether it’s a collection of different sized frames or a combination of frames and bowls, you can quickly fill up a wall to be the focal point of a room!

Left:  Bright Door with Faces by Sofia Tomé in the Beaumont Frame
Right: Hawaii Instagram in the Bali Frame

3. Temporary decoration. 

Whoever said frames need to be permanently hung on the wall? Lean a frame up for some added texture and interest! This is an easy way to give height and dimension to a spot that might otherwise have none.


Are there other ways you can think of to utilize frames in your home decor?

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