Craftsmen of Wakiso

We are always on the lookout for incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces from artisans around the globe. When we came across the work of these master craftsmen, we were mesmerized by the quality and attention to detail of their products. After learning more about their culture, and the model behind their manufacturing process, which focuses on sustainable employment and scale, we could not wait to get started working together.

The Ankole cow can only be found in one place in world, East Africa. In recent years, many of the Ankole farmers and ranchers have begun to crossbreed their cows with other breeds that produce more milk. In attempt to avoid poverty and provide income for their families, they have started to lose what used to be a unique piece of their culture. By crossbreeding, they are seeing a decrease in the Ankole cow population. This shift has motivated the Craftsmen of Wakiso to create jobs for the people of their tribe and preserve this rare natural resource they have to offer the world. By partnering together to bring you these hand-crafted pieces, we provide value to the Ankole cow and added incentive to the native ranchers to raise and conserve this beautiful animal. The cow that was once seen as a prized icon of their culture is now returning to it’s place of the tribe’s pride and identity.

The Ankole cowhorn is taken only after the cow has been used for meat. As a market by-product, it is handpicked in effort to bring you the highest quality. From there, each piece is cut, cleaned, heated, molded and hand-finished by the hands of talented and skilled artisans. Since each horn is incredibly different, no pieces are identical. The production of Ankole cowhorn not only brings beautiful additions to your modern home, but also creates sustainable jobs for the Ugandan people.

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