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We recently had the privilege to speak with Ashlae, the larger than life personality behind our favorite food and travel blog, Oh, Ladycakes. Ashlae warned us that unlike her blogs name might lead you to believe, you won’t find an over the top number of cake recipes on her blog. That does NOT, however, stop our mouths from watering over every. single. post. Along with killer in-season recipes, we’re huge fans of Ashlae’s travel guides and know you will be too!


What does a typical day for you look like?

I usually wake up before the sun, make myself a big cup of pour-over coffee*, and use the quiet time to catch up on my favorite early-morning reads (the Economist, Grist, etc.). After that I’ll either go on a run, bang some bread in my garage gym, or talk myself into spending another hour on the couch. 

*I promise I’m not one of those coffee elitists. I was just too cheap to buy a coffee maker and got hooked on pour-over. Which is more about the ritual – the act of preparing a mug of warm, caffeinated goodness – than the actual flavor. Because, let’s be honest, it all tastes the same.


How do you stay inspired?

In the kitchen? I’m constantly visiting the market or reading cookbooks or simply opening up all my cupboards and forcing myself to make do with what’s inside. In life? I travel. A lot. And I surround myself with folks who are living la buena vida. Their energy is infectious.

Photo Credit: Kathryn Bacalis, Apartment Therapy


How do you stay balanced between life, work & love?

It’s a delicate balance but the key is boundaries. Lots of them. Like no emailing from bed, no texting at the dinner table, etc. Also? Opposite sleep schedules. I used to think it was the bane of our relationship, but now I don’t know how I’d function if Thom was an early-bird, too. Those quiet, early mornings afford me the alone time I crave and the ability to plow through work.


What has been your greatest professional challenge?

Thom and I made a pretty ambitious decision to start a company that will launch in the summer of 2016. It is by far the most challenging and overwhelming thing I’ve ever done, but I feel incredibly confident going into it with him by my side. We make a pretty good team.


Do you have a mantra for those days that just seem impossible?

Yep, it’s framed and sitting on the bookshelf in our living room. And serves as a reminder not to take anything too seriously. “We are here on Earth to fart around. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.” – Kurt Vonnegut


What is your favorite season for fruits & veggies?

I’m a big fan of cooler season crops; Brussels sprouts, squash, citrus, beets, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love Palisade peaches and juicy heirloom tomatoes, but there’s not much better than a glass of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice or perfectly roasted Brussels sprouts.

Photo Credit: Ashlae, Oh, Ladycakes


We love your Denver go to list and its extensive nature! But if you had to pick one place to go with friends in town, what would it be?

Union Station. It’s your one-stop shop for good food, strong drinks, and some of the best ice cream the city has to offer (boozy milkshakes, anyone?). The cherry on top? The space recently underwent a massive renovation and is easily one of the most beautiful (and historic!) places in town.


**Check out Ashlae’s Guide To Denver here. 


We love your modern, but bohemian apartment vibe! What is important to you when decorating your home?

The most important thing, to me, is to create a space that’s not only aesthetically pleasing (and very much reflective of who Thom and I are as a couple), but also warm and inviting. I’m also a stickler for only buying things we truly love, and I never – ever – settle. It took me months to find our bar cart and even longer to find our rug. Both of them were more than worth the wait.


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