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As a small and growing new business, we are constantly assessing what’s working, what isn’t, and making sure that we steer the ship in the right direction to keep the dream, and our mission alive.

Nearly three years ago, we started with one tiny community in Rwanda. Our goal has always been to provide sustainable employment, only adding new artisans to our group as demand for our product has grown. As we’ve added other communities from new parts of the world throughout the years, we are being brought back to our key mission: IMPACT. And what we have learned is that providing more business to the same group allows us to make even more of an impact in those communities, rather than expanding too quickly.



We know which products are your favorites, and we’ve made the strategic decision to focus on strengthening our impact in these communities (Rwanda and Mexico), rather than trying to spread impact out too thin. So, we’ve decided to simplify our product lines to include just those that you have been voting most popular. And while it breaks our heart to hit pause on producing more exquisite items with ALL the artisans we have relationships with, we believe we can make a more lasting impact by staying focused.



So for now, we’re saying farewell to some of our handcrafted items. These goods are some of our favorite pieces we’ve ever made, but for now, we’re not going to restock them so if you’ve had your eye on product lines like our Cowhorn Collection–we invite you to shop now!

We’ll be sharing even more about our Rwandan and Mexican cooperatives–and how every purchase made by you and your friends is strengthening not just one artisan, but the entire community they live their lives in.

Founder, Local + Lejos



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