Classes & Workshops

Want to learn how to create your own beautiful craft from beginning to end?  Join an artisan teacher and Azizi Life facilitator for the opportunity to prepare your own raw materials, choose your design, and bring your creation to completion.

We now offer a variety of adult weeknight classes (2 sessions) & workshops (1 session).  Plus we continue with our Sunday afternoon workshop which runs each week from 1-6pm, and includes Lunch.

Check the calendar for classes and workshops we are offering this month, then call and email for more details.

**10% Discount when 2 or more people book at the same time**


To book a workshop or class simply give us a call or whatsapp on +25078.704.338 or email and we will arrange everything for you. 



Experiences Manager

Finding the Studio

The Azizi Life Studio is located in Kigali very near to Kigali Convention Centre.  It is within Ubumwe House, on KG 5 Avenue.  Please see the map below for directions.