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KIIUKA Cooperative

We were very happy, and we were hoping that our work would be improved and developed. [highlight] . .[/highlight]We continued to work with Azizi Life; they trained us on new products like spoons, wooden toys, and all kinds of products we make today because we only made bookends and nativity sets before Azizi Life.

The Light of Inspiration: NEW Beacon of Light Candlesticks

Becka Bella Style Collection designer Rebecca Hart shares the…

Inzira ya Vision

"Path of Vision" cooperative is a group of young adult and experienced woodcarvers who are passionate and committed to push the limits of wood by making beautiful handmade wood crafts. [highlight]Isidor Ahisaziye learned to carve as a youth from one of the older artisans. Now Isidor, his wife and two children are sustained through his work. As an experienced artisan, Isidor is now teaching neighboring youth his art.[/highlight]

Inganzo Cooperative

Inganzo’s artistic focus is wooden figures significant to faith or Rwandan culture, such as nativities or statues of Rwandans in the midst of daily life.[highlight]On a hill near my father’s home and next to my twin brother, I have built my own home with my income from wood carving. – Sylvere Maniraguha[/highlight]