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Abihuje Cooperative

The founders of Abihuje began with the hope that if they joined their strength and knowledge together, they could work towards a solution to their poverty. As they began to work together, the group not only grew in skill, but in friendship and mutual support. The women of Abihuje specialize in weaving Rwandan Sisal Peace Baskets.[highlight]With fair wages from their weaving and the strength of their friendships and faith, the women of Abihuje are raising their families out of poverty.[/highlight]

Kundagaseke Cooperative

Kundagaseke’s artistic specialty is weaving traditional Rwandan baskets from natural sisal fibers. The weavers’ primary desire is to connect with customers – a large and sustainable market – so that their weaving can provide a consistent income for them and their families. The members of the group also hope to keep progressing so they can follow their individual dreams: like paying tuition for their children to go to school. [highlight] Our purpose is to fight against poverty and to develop ourselves.[/highlight]