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A Mother’s Touch: Artisan Alexie Uwingabire’s Story

Alexie Uwingabire was born in 1987 in Nyamabuye sector. At a…

Reaching Your Destination: Artisan Jean De Dieu’s Story

Story by Claudine Tuyisenge  "We are all able. I can't adjust…

A Widow’s Ambition: Artisan Seraphine’s Story

By Zuberi BihangamanywaAfter the death of her husband, Seraphine…
Sperathe cultivating her crops with neighbor

Betrayal and Hope: Artisan Sperathe’s Story

By Jean Pierre MbarubukeyeOne night in 1994, twenty-three-year-old…

5 Things I’m Learning About Leadership

Jeannine’s storyWhat is your definition and approach to leadership? …