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Inzira ya Vision

"Path of Vision" cooperative is a group of young adult and experienced woodcarvers who are passionate and committed to push the limits of wood by making beautiful handmade wood crafts. [highlight]Isidor Ahisaziye learned to carve as a youth from one of the older artisans. Now Isidor, his wife and two children are sustained through his work. As an experienced artisan, Isidor is now teaching neighboring youth his art.[/highlight]

Atelier Marie Raphael

In the hands of an artisan, banana branches which have sloughed off the tree become used to create something beautiful. Using only a razor blade and glue mixed with cassava flour, artisans cut tiny pieces of the surface of the leaf and glue them into patterns of beauty. [highlight]Banana leaf mosaics beautifully adorn our greeting cards. [/highlight]

Agaseke k’Amahoro Cooperative

The artisans of Agaseke k’Amahoro weave Traditional Grass Peace Baskets. The cooperative, born from the turmoil of the genocide, is comprised of neighbors from both sides of the conflict, working together for peace and reconciliation. Their vision is to promote peace within and outside their group as they practice their art for their livelihood. [highlight]“We must continue to work for wholeness.
We must continue to pray for peace.”
- Pascasie Mukamuligo, President[/highlight]