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Adult Literacy Program Fundraiser 2022 – December 1 – the end of the year

This year we’re focusing on raising money to teach over 1,000 adults to read and write in Rwandan! Donate and share with your friends and family about the opportunity to partner with adult learners, too!

Below is some images you can use on your own social media. Right click to save and then share!

*note if you computer save the picture file as WEBP then simply open with Paint or similar program and then save as jpeg.

If you prefer to use video then you can find them on our Youtube Channel and then you can share videos directly from there.  We also have some reels that can be used for Facebook and Instagram and if you would like a copy of those then just email and we will send them to you.

In 2022 a team from Manchester University in collaboration with Rwandan students created a report on our Adult Literacy program.  This document has lots more details about the program.

Click here to read our 2022 report on our Adult Literacy Program

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Amazon will donate to Azizi Life every time you order if you place your order through Amazon Smile!

How to add Azizi Life to your account:

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Did you know…
that Azizi Life US is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization?

Our work:
• Fair trade craft purchases.
• Promoting Rwandan artisans and their work.
• Connecting Azizi Life Rwanda directly with global customers- like at the NY NOW trade show.
• Offering advice on product design, trends, and resources.
• Contributing financially to our local nonprofit in Rwanda for efforts like training, health and wellness resources, and new work startup capital.

Our Mission:

To support local initiatives for the development of Rwandan communities, working for physical and spiritual wholeness for all.