Relax With Our Beeswax Candles This Winter

The changing seasons seem to bring with them a changing pace, and after a busy holiday period, it’s a good time to slow down, unwind and recharge ready for the year ahead.

The simple act of lighting a candle will automatically impact your environment for the better. Relaxation looks different for all of us and so we hope that as you scroll through we inspire you to have cozier and slower days. While most candles on the market are made from artificial waxes that either pollute your home or take industrial-scale processing to create, our beeswax candles offer a more sustainable option.

We source our candles through our Rwandan partner Beeutiful Creations which helps beekeepers in one of our impact projects to source a market for their crafts. Beeutiful Creations offers natural, fairly sourced products so you can be sure these candles will benefit your health, your heart, and your home!

We invite you to relax with a variety of our beeswax candles.

Fun fact about beeswax candles:

Did you know that the light emitted by burning beeswax is a calm golden color that provides ample lighting while being gentle on the eyes? So whether you’re having a relaxing bath or a cozy movie night, our candles are a great option to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Burning Beeswax candles give you a sweet, honey aroma that fills any space. We love that the pleasant smell of pure beeswax is completely natural and fragrance-free.

Beeswax candles are also long-burning! Without any additives or toxic chemicals, our candles have burning times of anywhere from 2.5 hours to 25 hours. 

How your purchase not only benefits you but also supports the bees & beekeepers.

In 2016, we started the Azizi Life beekeeping program to help develop, improve and market the products that the Rwandan beekeepers were already producing.  This gets much-needed income directly into the hands of rural Rwandans who use it to help their families and communities thrive.

Our beeswax is turned into candles, wood polish, and even cosmetics like lip balm. Our plan is to help our beekeeping partners to grow beyond their traditional product line of honey and to develop, market, and sell different bee-related products.  The development of these new products not only increases the income and thriving of the beekeepers we have trained, but open new market opportunities for all beekeepers across Rwanda.

Finding the Beeswax Candle for You

Hand Dipped Candles
Jackfruit Candle
Twisted Taper Candles

Support Beekeeping

Beekeeping takes a lot of supplies like beekeeping suits, gloves, and smokers.  If you’d like to outfit a beekeeper and help them learn new skills to increase their income and their family’s thriving, please donate below.

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