Prayer Update, December 2018


  • Praise God for a wonderful Giving Tuesday event where we raised over $18,000 for our Multiply Project. Please pray also that we qualify for the facebook matching grant that could double our fundraising effort to $36,000. We are feeling even stronger in our goal to increase artisan income 10x by the end of 2022. Please ask that the people he is moving to contribute would take action on that nudge, so that we can reach our goal of raising $50,000 to jump-start our capacity in the US to serve the artisans.  Read more at:


  • Introducing…Thank you so much for praying for us as we have worked to bolster our Azizi Life US team.  We are very pleased to introduce to you our key partner, Emily Newlin of King Creative & Design.

    Emily Newlin

    Emily is a long-time volunteer team member of Azizi Life, beginning as a graduate intern in 2011 and continuing on as a founding member of the Azizi Life US Board of Directors. Motivated by God’s love, Emily is dedicating to serving the artisans, and we feel strongly that her work for Azizi Life is a connection made by God.  Emily will be partnering with Azizi Life in her new capacity beginning 2019, using her marketing and design skills so that Azizi Life US can become self-sustaining and bring our Multiply Project goals to reality.


  • Praise God that we have secured funding needed to buy our own permanent home in Muhanga. Please pray we find the perfect location to move to soon.


  • We have submitted some samples to a big US retailer. The buyers have a meeting on 15th December to decide if they want to move forward and stock our Rwandan Handmade products. Please pray that meeting and the decision is favourable.


  • We praise the Lord that the sales at Boutique have been really good this past month!


  • Please pray for Natalie as she takes over full responsibility for running all operations while Sean is on annual leave. We are thankful that she is excited to take on more responsibility as Manager of Beeutiful Creations.


  • We are so thankful that the shipment to the US has arrived safely.


  • Please pray for upcoming Christmas craft fairs, that record sales would be made and that the profile of Beeutiful Creations would be raised among tourists and Kigali locals.


  • Experience – Chantal the manager is taking her annual leave from the Studio and so Jean Peirre is covering for her. Please pray for him as he takes on this new responsibility.


  • We have a plan to teach a group of inmates at the prison to become adult literacy teachers. Please pray we can get all the logistics sorted out and the training can take places soon as possible. Those inmate teachers have the opportunity to help at least 700 others become literate.


  • Please pray for our Adult Literacy Graduation (7th December). Each of the graduates is awarded with a Bible (if they want one). Please pray reading this will impact their lives even more than being able to read and write.


  • Please pray for the third-year cohort of Adult Literacy students, that they would learn well and go on to complete the course. We praise the Lord for our graduation of the second Year Adult Literacy students!


Thank you for joining us in prayer. We wish you a blessed Christmas and happy New Year!

From the Azizi Life Team

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