Our 4 New Products That’ll Last Longer Than the Holidays

Trends and fashion are great but they can leave you feeling like you can never keep up with what’s in and what’s out! Throw into the mix holidays and seasons and you can just about throw your hands in the air with frustration.

That’s why we love these four new products because they surpass ever-shifting trends, will automatically go great with all your current holiday decorations, and will last past the new year when you’re ready for a crisp new look.


1. Lumbar Pillows

Handwoven by artisan women in Southern Mexico, our Lumbar Pillows are inspired by their native tribe but designed to complement the modern home. These are bestsellers for a reason.



2. Black Tumbler

These black tumblers go beautifully displayed on a shelf or table giving your home a unique modern edge. They are also last year’s bestsellers turned black.


3. Candlesticks

Taken only as a by-product after the cow has been used for meat, our Artisan partners in the Wakiso District of Uganda then handpick only the highest quality horns for these timeless candlesticks. Since each horn is incredibly different, no two pieces are the same.



4. Black Bowls

Our Black Bowls can add the finishing touch to any living space – we recommend adding one as a coffee table centerpiece and is the perfect gift exchange idea.

So you can see why we get immense satisfaction from handmade items that seamlessly transition through seasons and holidays.

There is no joy in pulling out a whole heap of decorations or themed decor, only to have to pack them away in storage for the next 12 months until they are relevant again!

It seems like such a waste of precious time and energy. We hope that now you can enjoy them, and their many facets, year-round!


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