How to Set Your Perfect Summer Table

Summer is just around the corner! The freshness of a new season always gets us thinking about the simple pleasures of life—spending looooooong afternoons with friends, backyard dining, summer fruits, and chilled wine (to name a few!).

We love how summer brings more excuses to entertain and when it comes to your tablescape—it means a lighter fare, freer table settings, and a super relaxed atmosphere (love!). Here’s how to make a little light entertaining go a long way with a simple table setting that’ll make for the perfect summer watering hole:

1. A Neutral Canvas to Lighten Things Up

A table with white tablecloth, pink glasses, and Local and Lejos Blush Collection bowls.

Interesting textures, organic materials, and neutral color palettes underpin a natural summer table setting—go for a jute or linen table cloth to create the ideal canvas to express your personality and show off your summer tableware.

2. Placemats That’ll Make ‘Em Blush

A table with white tablecloth, pink glasses, and Local and Lejos Blush Collection bowls.

Placemats are an integral part of your summer table setting—they ‘frame’ your plates and cutlery and (not surprisingly!) handwoven placemats from our Blush Collection are our go-to for creating a sense of visual unity across a table and inspire a truly authentic summer feel.

3. Vibrant, Eclectic Glassware

A table with white tablecloth, pink glasses, and Local and Lejos Blush Collection bowls.

Simple pink glasses make the perfect water or wine glass and complement blush-toned napkins and placemats. Don’t be afraid to mix and match an assortment of vibrant glassware—they also make cute cocktail glasses!

4. A Pop of Summer Fruits

Woman holding Local and Lejos Blush Collection bowl with blood oranges inside it.

There’s something about summer fruits that immediately puts a smile on people’s faces. Cherries, oranges, apples, watermelon—take your pick and place them inside a cute glass bowl or a large woven bowl, space them out along your table, and encourage your guests to help themselves.

The great thing about a summer tablescape is that you don’t have to go out and buy new plates, napkins, or glassware. Just can simply use all the different colors and styles you already have and alternate them on the table. Plus, when you pair fabrics like linen or jute with earthy items like handwoven bowls, wooden chopping boards, flowers, summer fruits, metallic chairs, or colorful glassware—it truly makes for an interesting and vibrant table that your friends and family won’t want to leave.

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