Adult Literacy – Teaching People to Read & Write

Because of illiteracy, Joselyne lost her inheritance. After the death of her father, the young woman was unwittingly excluded from any of her father’s assets, which were split only between her brothers. “I didn’t forget that story which made me poor for a long time,” shared Joselyne, pictured reading with her baby. “After [learning to read and write], I pursued my inheritance rights, and today I have my assets.” Azizi Life’s Adult Literacy Program has given Joselyne the means to stand against injustice and has increased her confidence in life. “I feel more confident because my mind is open. I can access the information necessary to remove barriers.” Donate to enable 791 learners like Joselyne to remove barriers to health and prosperity.

  • 1126 Literacy students trained since 2016
  • 7 Rural learning centers + 1 Prison education program
  • 791 Newly-enrolled students