Crafting Drop-Ins & Workshops

If you are heading south in Rwanda and interested in a creative activity, stop by our headquarters in Byimana any time for a drop-in project, or schedule ahead for an artisan-led workshop.

Artisan-Led Workshops are a fun way to learn more about crafting Rwandan-style. Whether you are newly exploring Rwanda, gathering a group of friends or colleagues, or planning for a class, workshops are fun for children, teens and adults alike! Call or email us to book a session in weaving, pottery or candle making.

Or just drop in & craft. Come in any time we’re open to choose from one of our fun ready-made projects! We’ll give you a kit to create a crafted item to take home with you. With projects for kids and adults, a Studio Drop-In is a great activity for families, groups of friends, or even a date! Check out more details on the drop-in crafts below.

Drop-In Crafting Projects

Beeswax Candles

What: Roll sheets of beeswax foundation for up to 4 candles.

Who: Preschool to adult

Time: 20 – 40 minutes

Cost:    Rectangular 5,000 ($6.25)

Triangular 5,000 ($6.25)

Imigongo Painting

What: Paint your chosen cow dung design.

Who: Toddlers through adults.

Time: 30-90 minutes

Cost: 7,000 – 15,000 RWF ($7 to $15)

Banana Leaf Cards

What: Choose a card design to assemble.

Who: Primary school through adults.

Time: 5-15 minutes per card, depending on design

Cost: 1,500 ($1.90) for one card;
5,000 ($6.25) for a set of 5 cards.

NEW: Little Bird Garlands

What: Create a garland by painting hand-carved birds and stringing them with gitenge ribbons on a sisal strand.

Who: Age 4 to adult

Time: 45 minutes – 1.5 hours

Cost:  7,000 or $8.25

Tassel Garlands

What: Create a festive garland with a selection of sisal tassels or Kigali map flags on a sisal string.

Who: Age 10 to adult

Time: 45 minutes – 1.5 hours

Cost (15-tassel strand):  8,000 or $9.50

Piggy Bank

What: Decorate a clay piggy bank with ears, tail and paint.

Who: Toddler to adult

Time: 10 – 45 minutes

Cost:    Small 5,000 ($6.25)

Medium 7,000 ($8.25)

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If you are approaching on the main road from Kigali (RN1), drive through the town of Muhanga and on towards Ruhango and Nyanza (the King’s Palace). About 7.5 kilometres after Muhanga town you will get to a village area called Byimana. We are on the main road on the left hand side.  It is about an hour and thirty minute drive from Kigali. Click on the map to get directions from google.

For more details including how to get there by bus please click here.