Chantal’s Story

“My father abandoned me and my mother when I was young. As our family did not have any money I stayed at home helping to raise my siblings, cooking and taking care of chores while my mother went to find job. “

In 2006, Chantal got married and now she has five children.

“Before attending literacy class, my son got sick and I took him to the hospital. I struggled to follow the doctors instructions – I couldn’t read or understand the prescription. Friends sent me comfort messages but I couldn’t read them! When people sent me money, I didn’t know who sent it. “

It was that day Chantal decided to learn to read and write.

“After getting information of Azizi Life literacy program, I felt very happy that my wish was going to be accomplished. I studied well and now I know to read, to write, I am more independent as I do not need to ask others to read for me and I don’t ask for directions as I can read the signs. I am also no longer lonely because I made friends in class. We are now all saving money for future purposes, I help my children in their homework.

I am praising God and thankful to Azizi life, my teachers, classmates, my family, and everyone who helped me to achieve this level. God bless you all.”