Agaseke k’Amahoro Cooperative

The artisans of Agaseke k’Amahoro weave Traditional Grass Peace Baskets. The cooperative, born from the turmoil of the genocide, is comprised of neighbors from both sides of the conflict, working together for peace and reconciliation. Their vision is to promote peace within and outside their group as they practice their art for their livelihood. [highlight]“We must continue to work for wholeness.
We must continue to pray for peace.”
- Pascasie Mukamuligo, President[/highlight]

Abumurava Cooperative

Abumurava’s vision is to work together in order that the members may develop themselves, increase their standard of living, and reduce their financial dependence on others. Through Azizi Life's nonprofit organization, the members have chosen to buy stoves which use less firewood. The weavers of Abumurava hope one day to have a cooperative house and a plantation of sisal for weaving. [highlight]We welcome visitors for Experience days and like to share our skills in weaving sisal fibers.[/highlight]

Abibumbye Cooperative

This group of over 20 women work together as a family to support each other and develop their skills. Since working with Azizi Life they have been able to buy annual health insurance and pay the school fees for their children. [highlight]We hope to gain income that will help us to maintain better lives and say goodbye to poverty forever.[/highlight]

Abahuje Cooperative in Byimana

The women of Abahuje Cooperative are aiming to be the best weavers they can be by always improving the quality of the bowls they create. Several members of the group have already made improvements to their homes by installing electricity, solar lamps, new wood stoves, etc, and the group now hopes to construct a small building for their cooperative.[highlight]We are a group of women who are improving our homes through selling our woven bowls through Azizi Life.[/highlight]

Abaharaniriterambere Cooperative

Banana leaves and stalks become beautiful and functional household goods through hand craftsmanship. Abaharaniriterambere means People Fighting for Development, and the weavers of this cooperative are determined to use their craft to lift their families out of poverty and contribute to their community. [highlight]We use our time together not only to weave and exchange advice, but also to discuss important topics such as women’s rights.[/highlight]