By Car

If you are approaching on the main road from Kigali (RN1), drive through the town of Muhanga and on towards Ruhanga and Nyanza (the Kings Palace).  About 7.5 kilometres after Muhanga town you will get to a village area called Byimana.  We are on the main road on the left hand side.

It is about an hour and thirty minute drive from Kigali.  Click on the map to get directions from google or please call +250 785781146 if you need help finding us.

On the Bus

Volcano and Horizon buses depart every 30 minutes between Ruhango and Kigali (Nyabugogo station).  The journey takes just over an hour and thirty minutes.

You can reserve a place on a bus by phoning the following numbers, which should be answered by people who speak both English and French:

Volcano Express – Ruhango office07 81 69 83 02
Volcano Express – Kigali office07 88 58 31 62
Horizon Express – Ruhanga office07 82 27 58 52
Horizon Express – Kigali office07 83 47 71 10

The price is around US$2.  You can only buy one-way tickets, not return tickets.

The Azizi Life office is before you get to Ruhango and so you will need to let the bus driver know you wish to get off at Azizi Life in Byimana..