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How to Set Your Perfect Summer Table

Summer is just around the corner! The freshness of a new season always gets us thinking about the simple pleasures of life—spending looooooong afternoons with friends, backyard dining, summer fruits, and chilled wine (to name a few!).

How They Styled It: Our 5 Favorite Instagram Tags Right Now

When we loving box up one of our handmade Rwandan bowls or Mexican pillows—we often daydream about what life’s like at their new home, whether you love them, and most excitingly how you’ve styled them! Well, wonder no more! Here are some real-life ways you’re styling our artisan goods and making them uniquely your own:

The Blush Collection Art Installation

So, we’ve kinda fallen in love with oversized walls and bowl sets! In celebration of Spring’s arrival and Mother’s Day (just around the corner), we’ve created our largest art installation to date, featuring…

A Stunning Bowl Wall in Less Than 60 Seconds

Take inspiration from this bowl wall time-lapse and start to envision your walls coming to life just like it did for these real life Local + Lejos customers. 

The Bowl Quiz: Which Bowl Are You?

Calming neutrals or bold and bright? Main feature or accent piece? Take the brakes off your style overwhelm, and put the fun back into the choosing with our short bowls quiz. It’s simple: tell us a bit about you, and we’ll tell you which handmade bowl is oh, so you!

5 Unique Ways To Create Magazine Worthy Walls

Ditch that can of paint, forget the wallpaper and get ready to inject your walls with the kind of personality that will be the envy of all the walls. We’ve got you (and your walls) covered, with these five surprising ways to elevate your space with our eye-catching bowls.

How To Hang Bowls Like A Pro

You know that empty wall in your home that could use some extra love? Arranging a collage with modern, handwoven bowls is a chic solution because it adds the perfect, natural touch while turning your empty walls into your favorite daydream (yaas!).

Here’s Why Our Lumbar Pillows Are So Popular

 Over-accessorizing a bed with pillows is easy to do, but that’s only if you haven’t been let in on the bedroom’s secret weapon: lumbar pillows. Get the story behind our statement pieces that pop.

Behind the Scenes: Our Handmade Bowls

We recently sat down with our founder, Sheeva to take a deep dive into how our Rwandan-made bowls are created from her first spark of inspiration, to communicating solely through email, to landing on the site, and eventually taking pride of place in your home.

Say Hello to Our 3 Newest Lumbar Pillows

You asked for it, and here they are! Our most requested handmade goods on the site, we wanted to bring you more options for the pillows you love the most. Introducing, the 3 new additions to our Lumbar Pillow Collection…       1. The Raya Lumbar Pillow, Made For That Perfectly Subtle Impact Named after the Spanish word raya, meaning […]

The Real Impact Made From Every L+L Bowl Purchase

  Our lives can get so busy (we’ve been feeling that a lot lately here at L+L)! Recently we’ve been sharing with you about the 60% OFF goods (still a few left) and our fulfillment team has been shipping up goods non-stop. We’re always sharing new designs, how-to’s and 1:1 interviews, but we wanted to […]

7 Ways To Use Our Zera Bowl So You Never Get Bored

  Our best selling Zera Bowl is a piece that offers too many uses to count! We wanted to show you 7 different ways you can incorporate this piece into your home. Once you see the variety the Zera Bowl offers, you will never need to be worried about feeling like this wasn’t the perfect […]

60% OFF. Here’s why.

  As a small and growing new business, we are constantly assessing what’s working, what isn’t, and making sure that we steer the ship in the right direction to keep the dream, and our mission alive. Nearly three years ago, we started with one tiny community in Rwanda. Our goal has always been to provide […]

A Thank You From Rwanda

Last week, we received a thank you from across that world that we want to share. Jeannine has been working on our newest collection of Spring Bowls and has a quick message to thank you for everything you do to help support her work.

L+L In The Wild: How Real People Styled Our Products

Have you ever wanted to take a peek inside other people homes to see how they’ve styled certain things, how their personality is reflected, and perhaps even steal some ideas for your own home? We certainly have! One of the things we love about styling homewares is that it is so personal. And while we […]

Bedroom Essentials: How To Craft The Perfect Minimalist Bed

So, you’re ready to begin crafting that magazine-worthy minimalist bedroom of your dreams! You even have most of the elements to make it work but you’re not quite sure where to start. Plus you might also be concerned that, to cultivate a minimalist-inspired modern bedroom feel, you’re going to have to spend a small fortune […]

Our Guide to A Cozy Saturday

After all the holiday travel and festivities, it’s not surprising if you’re still feeling a little worn out! And while it was completely worth it, it might be time to give yourself a well-earned break. But spending time chilling out indoors doesn’t mean you have to get stuck in a Netflix rut! Instead how about […]

Artisan Stories: The Extended Cut

Local + Lejos was founded in 2015 with the goal of using business as a force for good by creating sustainable employment for artisans around the world. For any artisan in our community, we pay fair wages, which in most of the countries we work in, results in our partners bringing in 2-3x more income […]

How to Spice Up Your Favorite Holiday Drink

There might be a chill in the air, and maybe even snow on the ground, but none of that matters while you sit snuggled up indoors with a warm, steaming drink in hand! But we’re not talking any ol’ drink, nor would we drink with any ol’ tumbler in hand. The Holidays is such a […]

Our Top 5 Questions Answered on Holiday Decorating with Bowls

The Holidays are the perfect excuse to unleash your creative flair. And when it comes to decorating your Holiday table, it’s a subtle way to show your friends and family your unique style (and homewares!). But most importantly, there’s something about a beautiful, thoughtful tablescape that makes guests feel treasured, welcomed and at ease – […]

How to Style Our Handmade Ankole Cowhorn Candlesticks

Our goal for everything we create with our artisan partners at Local + Lejos is for it to be timeless, elegant and unique. It matters to us that our pieces are adaptable regardless of whether it’s Christmas or Easter (or anywhere in-between!). But styling is not always easy, so we want to share with you […]

Our 4 New Products That’ll Last Longer Than the Holidays

Trends and fashion are great but they can leave you feeling like you can never keep up with what’s in and what’s out! Throw into the mix holidays and seasons and you can just about throw your hands in the air with frustration. That’s why we love these four new products because they surpass ever-shifting […]