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In the hands of the artisans, tiny pieces of the banana leaf’s fine surface become mosaic images from Rwanda.

Abakundamurimo Association

People Who Love Work Association

The small group of women of Abakundamurimo Association have overcome many obstacles in their young lives.  The group members were chosen to learn the art of banana leaf cardmaking through a vocational training program of the Anglican church which focused on equipping vulnerable children.  The process of creating the greeting cards requires great attention to detail, and the young ladies work together to dry, cut, place, and glue the banana leaf mosaic illustrations.

The income that these ladies generate from their craft not only helps to cover their daily needs, but also provides them with a sense of control over their own futures.  One of the members, Jeannine, explained that she was able to invest some of her money in a couple of pigs for breeding and selling.  Several of the group members have continued forward to further their education and pursue various professions.

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